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Raw Onion Dip Extraordinaire

Everyone needs a go-to to dip that works on everything and is perfect to take for a potluck or dinner party. Here’s the recipe for mine.  Onion Dip Ingredients: 1
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Raw French Onion Soup

Summer is over and I am ready for a warm soup, how about you? My recent decision to move forward with a Raw and Living foods lifestyle, aka Raw 4
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Holding a bone for my dog while in my bathrobe

Choosing How You Think – Do You Get To or Have To?

Lessons learned from my dogs are always powerful. and the learning never stops, no matter how many I’ve learned, there are always more. And in case you thought that once
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The finished plating of the Nacho Cheeze Pasta dish

Nacho Cheeze 2.0

It’s soooo exciting to find recipes you love and new flavor combos! As I write this blog I am relaunching my Raw food diet and turning it into my lifestyle,
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Discovery of The Holy Grail

Happy and in my element, the garden of course ?, it’s a gorgeous day and I spontaneously snap this pic. The sunshine felt so good on my face! I was reminded
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Spicy Asian Peanut Sauce

This recipe was an accidental discovery but it was soooo delicious that I had to pause and write the recipe down in Evernote real quick before I even sat down
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Twisted Green Smoothie

I am super proud of this new flavor discovery! A while back I made this coffee frappuccino that rivaled and, to me at least, beat Starbucks version. It was my
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