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Green Smoothie with a Coffee Twist

I am super proud of this new flavor discovery! A while back I’d made this coffee frappacino that rivaled and beat Starbucks version. It was my saving grace over the
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Joie Is…Wild Horses

This pair of beauties came strolling down the trail as I arrived at the trailhead with Ian. I was delayed from heading out on our hike for a while as
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Body Image

When you look at yourself in the mirror what does the voice in your head say? I focus so much on wellness and how I physically feel, the energy I
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Joie Is…being proud of yourself

being proud of yourself This was a special moment to me. I haven’t set up a vendor table in a long while and this new design was inspired by a
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Better Than Coffee!

Neora’s EHT®  Brain Formula—Launched July 21st, 2015. Where were YOU? To date it’s been just over 60 days since I picked up my first 3 boxes of EHT® Brain Formula
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Gordon Setters in the Garden

Curious dogs are Gordon Setters. They very much love to explore their world, right noticing every little thing. My garden plan not only took them into consideration, they were able
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Joie Is…Larkin and his Happy Place

Do you have a happy place? Larkin does. Every morning there is a crush to get outside. I barely am allowed time to put on a robe and use the
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