Miracle Garden

My dream to become a master gardener just got a step closer. I’m in AWE of what my garden did without me for 12 days! The Eggplant ? had zero new produce growing on it when I left. Now as best I can count it has 20!! The Cilantro seeds didn’t get blown away and […]

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Saying Arrivederci

Rome Italy Looking out the Window Black and White Tiffany Almazan

A fantastic, out of this world adventure is coming to a close and as we hang out of the kitchen window (our favorite place in the apartment)…. looking over our corner of the neighborhood in Rome I think…. ~These are the windows that were all open on Saturday night letting us listen and watch the […]

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The Nose Knows

As is the required regular morning routine I was out playing ball with The Boys, Nicklas, Ian and Larkin, and one of the balls took a crazy bounce and ended up in the veggie bed. (the overflowing bed on the left in the photo, but of course.) I searched for a while but the tomato […]

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