2017: The Summer of My Transformation

It’s been a Summer To Remember, that’s for sure!

I came across this, to me shocking, 3 year old video and was struck by the changes in my life, not just the physical but my overall wellness, mental health and the brighter light of life and passion in my eyes.

So I decided to start this blog post to highlight some of the standout moments of my transformation.

I ? in the mirror and as of yet, I still don’t recognize myself, it’s all so new, so being able to look back on where I came from will help me to never GO back.

This video is a year before EHT was launched, 3 years before the release of Youth Factor and almost 3 years before I decided to do something I’d never done before to become someone I’d never been before.

Yes, I was still happy and yes I was still grateful but listen to WHAT I was happy and grateful for! ?

Stay tuned for more transformation updates….


In the meantime, check out this new Power Couple!

Forget Finding Your Passion!

Have you struggled to FIND your passion?

Do you feel like there’s something wrong with you because you don’t have an overarching mission in life, as compared to others who appear to be on fire with making a dent in the universe?

I’m happy to share that you haven’t lost “it”! Instead, here’s what I propose…

For more information, check out my blog post: 4 Switches To Turn ON Your Passion

4 Switches to Turn ON Your Passion

Are you looking for your passion?

Have you ever said “I’m just not passionate about what I do”?

Heck, I personally have expressed part of the reason why I left my career in the Corporate World as that I no longer knew what I was passionate about and I wanted to take some time to figure it out.

Well, thank goodness! I have been disabused of that terrible notion. ? I’ve learned that you don’t ‘lose’ your passion. It’s not something that can be found. Its always there inside of you but like electricity, you may have just turned the light switch OFF. So then, how do we flip the switch and get the lights back ON?

If you’re ready to have your “lack of passion” excuse (yup, I’m calling it like I see it) for not taking action or making progress taken away….(mine was!) then continue reading and as you do, ask yourself- Which light switch is MINE? Ready?…Read on!

4 Light Switches you can flip to turn ON your passion—-

Switch #1

Being Passionate about WHAT you do.

Contrary to common belief, and mine too until recently, this isn’t where all of passion lives and dies. WHAT you do IS a switch but needs a dose of reality thrown in.

Work is going to suck 95% of the time. But that other 5% is freaking awesome! – Darren Hardy

You can’t say it much plainer than that! ?

There’s so much I do really love about the company I’ve partnered with, Nerium International. Way more than 5% worth! Why have I chosen Nerium, why will I never leave and why do I have dreams again? Listen in!

But following the system day in and day out, mastering the mundane, dealing with disappointment, the foibles of people, sigh….now that is not what I love.

Switch #2

Being Passionate about WHY you do it.

What is your mission? What do you want to accomplish with what you’re doing? What gets you out of bed in the morning?
My WHY is to enable my husband to walk away from his J.O.B., create a magical life of Personal Freedom for us both and help others to Dare Greatly and achieve their Dreams.
Its been said more times then I can count, that if your why doesn’t make you cry it’s not strong enough. If you truly love the results of what you do, then you’ll be able to get thru the other 95% of the time.
If this is YOUR switch then drill down deep into your WHY and be crystal clear on it, write it out and hang it where you will look at it daily.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. – Mark Twain

Switch #3

Being Passionate about HOW you do it.

Do you bring all of your passion and enthusiasm to doing quality work, regardless if it is a seemingly mundane task? If you aren’t fueled by recognition, applause and gratitude in order to execute the HOWs with excellence then this may be your switch.

Its not the how’s- its HOW you do the how’s that matter. – Jeff Olson

That a seemingly insignificant HOW is so powerful was a wonderful surprise for me. I do the HOW by putting ME into everything thing I do, being Real, being Happy, having Fun and doing it the way it feels right, always being true to myself. I AM happy, excited and passionate because of what I do and why and who I do it for. And yes, there’s a tiny bit of perfectionism in the mix too. 😉

Switch #4

Being Passionate about WHO you do it for.

The WHO could be your family, your children, anyone or any group of people, even a country, as long as it’s NOT you.

If you haven’t found something you are willing to die for, you aren’t fit to live. – Martin Luther King JR

If this is YOUR switch when you refocus on WHO is being served by what you are doing, why and how you are doing it you will be LIT UP inside and ready to do whatever it takes to get it accomplished.

Which switch will you flip? Actually, which one really doesn’t matter…….as long as it matters to you— PASSIONATELY.

For more information on this topic check out Darren Hardy-

Have your What, Why, How & Who figured out? Great! I’d love to hear what it is that you’re passionate about! ? Please share in a comment below.


Raw Marinara Sauce

Enjoy this most delicious and simple raw dish!



2 1/2 cups Tomatoes
18 Sun-dried Tomatoes – soaked (less if they are big)
1/4 cup Olive Oil
4 cloves of garlic (I double or triple this!)
3 Medjual Dates (pitted & soaked)
2 Tbl Parsley
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp salt

Throw all ingredients in a food processor or blender till it’s the consistency you prefer and you’re set! Serve with spiralized zucchini noodles. Or freeze for later for to go meals for work or school.

Optional toppers: capers, yellow tomatoes, chopped walnuts or raw Parmesan cheese.

(oops, need to watch my camera angle a little better. If you were wondering it’s the end of the water spout that is showing at the top of the screen. LOL ? Sorry!)

Launching! The Joie Chronicles

Introducing: The Joie Chronicles! ????

Thus begins the next 30 Day Challenge.

Oops! I forgot to mention, I’ll be doing a giveaway this month for a Nerium shopping spree! How does $150 sound?!?? You’ll be able to enter lots of different ways, just watch each days video for the details as they’ll change! ??

First entry is thru this blog post! Simply share it to Facebook timeline and use the hashtag: #thejoiechronicles. (The # is how I’ll find your post and be able to give you the entry into the Shopping Spree!)

Have a great story?
Great question you’d love me to answer?
Idea for a topic of discussion?
Is there a place in town you’d like me to livestream from?

Comment below! ☺️

I’m excited to be on this journey with you! See you tomorrow!

The Beginning…

My 87 Day Adventure begins, as my adventures often do, with a random thought that caught fire. A moment of self-reflection that turned into “what if” as my thoughts went down the rabbit hole and a decision was made only yesterday, that begins today….

Brownies never tasted so good!

One thing I’ve learned on my journey to better health, is that temptation is a killer!

How do you avoid temptation? Always be prepared.

Case in point, was our recent Date Night out at the Super Summer Theatre ?. It’s an outdoor stage production show set on the far West side of town, in the cooler desert hills. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see some wild burros.


Families come with coolers jam-packed full of every tasty goody you can imagine. Pizza boxes wafting scents through the air; full meal take outs from restaurants in town; picnic baskets full of homemade deliciousness. Temptations galore!


Being as I knew this, I had an ace up my sleeve. ?? A brownie recipe I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to make.

The key is, it must be decadent. A real treat, not just celery sticks. LOL. Otherwise you will feel deprived and still be tempted. If it’s a delicious something NEW to your taste buds, even better. ??

The anticipation built on the drive out. I was so excited for the time with my honey doing something really FUN while still being healthy. Heck with Pizza Hut, I had a brownie!

Here’s my tweaked version of the recipe I found in the Clean Cooking magazine.

Raw Brownies:

1 2/3 cups Raw Walnuts

1 2/3 cups Dates, pitted

1/2 cup Carob Powder (I’ll try Cacao next time)

2 Tbsp Almond Butter

1/2 – 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

Pinch of Salt

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

Pulse the walnuts in a food processor until coarsely chopped. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until a thick, sticky batter forms. Press into a glass pie pan, or other similar sized dish, lined with parchment paper. Chill in the freezer for 20 minutes, to firm it up, before serving. Store any leftovers in the freezer.

5 minutes to make and only slightly longer for cleanup. I love not baking!

(Next time I’m going to make a frosting for them. I’ll keep you posted!)

They are so dense and filling that I only ate one during the show. The couple next to us eating soup & salad with breadsticks from Olive Garden followed by Nothing Bundt Cakes didn’t even phase me. I was so happy!

Yes, food brings Joie! ☺️

And yes, we were very lucky ?

T is for Texas

2,668 miles over 7 days with 2 dogs and a rented mini van. Memories were created and moments of life, laughter and love experienced.

The trip began without a thought or a plan months earlier as Nicklas & Ian simply continued their run in Barn Hunting.  I was blown away when Nicklas sailed thru getting his Senior title and became the 1st Gordon Setter to achieve the title. (link to video post) That made him eligible for the Barn Hunt Nationals – holy cow! Thus the whisper of a dream for Nicklas to be the 1st Gordon at the Nationals was born. Nicklas has taught me the power of living in the moment, tomorrow and next year are not guaranteed so these 2017 Nationals were an opportunity for him not to be missed. Ian reaching his Open title and killing it in Crazy 8’s was able to come as the 2nd Gordon ever, when they opened up the title qualifications for competing in the Nationals. How cool!


T ravel – aaahhh, one of my favorite things to do. it’s okay to travel alone, if you wait for someone to go with you how many moments will you miss?

T ime – slowing down to enjoy the peace and beauty of a sunrise. walking the dogs and listening to the silence. hours spent without a phone or watch grooming my dogs while 3 neighbor kids, ages 3 to 6, helped.

T ransportation – minivan will be my next dog mobile! Super fun for travel, easy to pull over and nap along the way, dogs are close by and happy, and it handles pretty zippy compared to my own truck. Fast speeds on i40 make for a smooth ride. Fast speed limits throughout Texas make getting around fun – 60mph down a dark 2 lane “Farm to Market” country road. seriously, why do we need street lights?? headlights and high-beams are perfect and save so much energy.

T houghts – country life….wow. no noise pollution, friendly neighbors, dogs that are the epitome of “chill”. Grateful for my body being fit enough to jog down the dead end tree lined road (picture), no ear buds, no music, just the sound of my running sneakers hitting the black top and a panting dog – Priceless. Moments are precious, cherish them. Would be difficult to eat out Raw in North Texas – might just need to be the one to open the first Raw restaurant. 🙂

T empted – to move to Texas! to eat BBQ meat.

T ourist – explore. listen to your heart. so what if it’s silly, standing there taking pictures of burros as traffic goes by, the dad, mom and baby I was blessed to pet was worth it. what is the rush? stop and smell the roses, take pictures.

T hankful – $$ that allowed me to go. a husband who supported my dream, held down the fort and took care of Elly & Larkin. personal freedom. no day job. freedoms I have in this country. the amazing Country Cottage Getaway that was my home away from home for 4 wonderful days. happy dogs. buying a new Flexi. healthy to hold up on the 2 day cross country road trip. new experiences. beauty around me in this gorgeous country. safe travels with a durable vehicle.

T is for Texas and an unforgettable Trip!!

Enjoy these moments….